The key to unleashing your fantasies exists right here…

I’m an expert in the art of pleasure in every way possible.

Living by a motto of indulgence, I’m meticulously well-groomed and particular about my presentation. From the quality of lingerie I wear, to the scent I spray on my neck, I ooze nothing but beauty, elegance and power.

To say I like to push the boundaries is an understatement.

I take great pleasure in exploring the intense burning desires within people. What makes you tick, what gets you off, and why we enjoy certain pleasures. Imagine your wildest, deepest and darkest needs being delved into.

My fascination has come from my own journey of self-exploration. As they say, “this ain’t my first rodeo”. I can assure you that you will be in the most capable hands to dive headfirst into your own self-discoveries.

I welcome those who are only just beginning their BDSM/Kink/Fetish journey and I will guide you through your right of passage. We might start slow so I can gauge your kinks, your “no-go’s” and the real “fuck yeah, give it to me Mistress” buttons. There is no fantasy too dark or too crazy to explore.

As for those more experienced submissives, sissys, slaves, cucks, pets and everything in between, come step into my lair of pain and pleasure. Let me help you escape to another world, away from everyday life. Grant me the pleasure to unleash my power and help you satisfy your needs.

I’m pansexual, open minded and welcome anyone to join me for a session, or two. I’m genuinely passionate about the services I provide and ensure the space is a discreet and judgement free zone.

What I do is an art. I have strict rules and protocols. I will ensure there is clear communication, so you are across these. A word of caution though, I’m no real brat tamer so expect the ultimate punishment if you breach any of these.

No two meetings are the same so please contact me to discuss what type of session we will have.

I look forward to exploring your wildest fantasies.

Mistress Anastasia

** Australian Adult Industry Awards (AAIA) 2023 Winner Best Female BDSM Provider – Link via – 2023 AAIA Winners! | Adult Awards Australia 2023 **

** Adult Industry Choice Awards (AICA) 2022 Winner Best Fetish and Fantasy Provider – Link via – 2022 Award Winners • Adult Industry Choice Awards ( **  

No two sessions with my clients are the same. It’s imperative to communicate prior to the session what your wants and expectations are for the services I offer. There a number of reasons behind this but the main thing is that I’m prepared with the correct equipment ready for our play session. I always plan things out in advance before seeing my clients for a session so last-minute requests can be hard to commit to.

I know it can be extremely nerve racking to book in and see someone like myself, however, I always go over and above to make you feel comfortable and in the right head space for our session. Even if I’ve seen you a number of times before, I always like to sit down at the start of the session to check in with where you’re at mentally and physically.

It is extremely important to communicate with me prior to our play commencing if you have any health conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, blood diseases or disorders, heart conditions, high blood pressure, physical injuries or anything that could be of concern or be an issue during our play session.