Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Mistress Anastasia and I’m a Pro Domme based in Sydney, Australia. I travel domestically around Australia and I’m soon to explore other parts of the world.

I have worked in the Adult Industry since I was 19 (2011) beginning my journey as a stripper in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. I always had a vanilla day job which gave me some anonymity in my early 20’s. I also started exploring myself and my sexuality in the kink and swingers scene in Sydney from 2012. This allowed me to get to know myself, my boundaries and solidify the foundations of what my sexual and kink interests are. During this time I progressed into other areas of the Adult Industry but my personal life and business life came together during COVID when I realised that I should combine my genuine interests and my profession.

During my lifestyle exploration of kink, I learnt from people who, to this day, are still some of my greatest mentors and well respected in the scene. I have also learnt certain techniques via educational classes in Sydney.

In my personal life I’m a switch and there’s not much I haven’t done. I know how it feels to be on the receiving/submissive/bottom side of a play session but ultimately, I prefer to be the one on top and in control. I feel that information is important for my clients to know as I can understand and empathise with what they are feeling and experiencing before, during and after a session.

I’ve aways said that I’m a sensual sadist, as I believe that pleasure is important. I also believe, “there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”, as once sung by The Divinyls, so I love to help others explore their sexuality and push the boundaries. As I entered my 30’s I quickly realised and decided I don’t like to do anything I’m genuinely into and passionate about… life is too short!

Education and training in all aspects of life is important… how else do we grow? A few areas that I will be developing over the coming 12 months are medical play and shibari. At this point in time my passions are CBT, sensory deprivation, impact play, torture, edging, predicament scenarios, roleplay, ruined orgasms, denial, tease, worship, chastity and many more (please refer to my sessions page for more info).

I have multiple beautiful spaces in Sydney I use for sessions, depending on the type of vibe you’re after. When touring nation-wide, I always try to create a mini dungeon at the apartment I stay in. I do this with a multitude of items such as lighting, music and a vast array of toys.

If you like what you’ve heard, please continue reading through my website to find out more…