As I’ve come into my 30’s, I see sex very differently to what I did 10 years ago. In my early 20’s it was often ego driven and frivolous. After ending a long term relationship and hitting 30, I’ve realised that I’m pansexual, and no that doesn’t mean I’m attracted to frypans, but I’m attracted to a person irrelevant of their gender. I need to deeper connection with intense energy to really feel satisfied in the bedroom. We can all have the occasional naughty sexual encounters, but add a bit of spice, an energetic connection and then BOOM, we have fireworks!

I had the greatest pleasure to record a podcast recently with a good friend in the Adult Industry, MJ. We talked about relationships, sex and how important an energetic connection is to take sex to the next level.

Click the link below to listen to everything we talked about…

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